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I posted this on the other club also...

Okay here it goes...

My wife and I are a couple of typical middle+ class folks. We have a couple of teenagers and a minivan who's lease is coming due. Recently we had to have some work done on the minivan, while I was out of town, like I am alot for work. My wife took the van in and the dealer was able to find over a thousand dollars worth of repairs that were needed. While I was gone she drove my '02 2.5 for a week, loud muffler and all. Well we got it fixed enough to get by and decided to look for a new car for her!

Friday night she drove a new Altima and a, very top of the line, Accord coupe. The Accord would really be a nice road/highway car and we could of got a great deal .

She says..."They are really nice cars, but I am really comfortable with yours, its "zippy" and I like the way it sounds." Now I am beating my head against the wall because I have to go look for another Subaru. I don't mind the looking mind you it is all the bull**** with the "This Car's so popular we don't have to deal thing." Plus, I either go through the hassle of modding another car or just buying WRX!

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