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It's Official....I AM a real SCOOBY God

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Yep...Its Official...I am now a full blown Scooby Team Member at Prestige Subaru in Asheville...Thanks to Deadbolt everything, I started today as a Floor salesman and the Performance Parts specialist.....I have alot of ideas and club stuff planned for the future.....This is just the beginning of a wonderful relationship...(Not only that..I am working at my dream job)...wahooooooooooooo....Who could ask for more...:D:D:D:D:D

We have some awesome stuff planned for the
Stay tuned...wahooooooooo...You don't know how hard this was to keep a secret until it was official....Thanks again and don't hesitate to come by and ask for Scooby South...

We are working hard to get some NA stuff from Japan in our midst...Besides that..everyone knows that a GC8 is Better...:devil: :run: :eek:

Stayed tuned for some upcoming club specials once we get everything organized...:D
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Congrats on the job! :D

JDM N/A parts, eh? Interesting! :burnout:
Alright Bill,

Now, lets start talking discounts...

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