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Is this where TX goes?...

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So I guess Texas is in here?

rs25, need to let us know what you consider what...

Or just give Texas it's own kingdom! :D
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I just gotta mark my territory...

Be glad I'm not a cat!:barf:
If you are refering to my wife, it is 'Cat'...

Don't let her know you thought it was with a 'k' or she will scratch your eyes out!:eek:
Bankheist said:

Actually Matt, YOU were first. you joined on 12/13/01

Rob and I BOTH joined on 12/18/01

Cool, I am better than you both..


So kewlness ranks:

1. Matt
2. Rob (obviously :p )
3. Bill
4. That one guy the other time that replied to something...
5. His friend
6. Kevin

There you have it folks...
:rolleyes: whatever rob :checkit:

how about... most modifcations amongst us 3?

I win hands down :)
Ya know I'm just jerkin' yer chain...

Hey, I can heel-toe pretty good now...

Got some sti replica pedals, they're nifty! :D
yeah man, i told ya wider pedals would help out a lot :)

you gonna be able to make it up here some weekend in march for the statewide meet in dallas?

we havent set an exact date yet though.
I'm sure I can!;)
replicas suck. get real one or else!:curse:
like your badge?:rolleyes:

"pink, pink, you stink, you where pink drawers" - Revco
the badge is real baby!:sunny:
Didn't say it wasn't, you still wear pink drawers...

real or not, the pedals serve a purpose, the badge don't...

Except fullfilling the ricerX initiation requirements...

That's why I have CF trim!!!
CF ownZ!!! I want a CF gas cap. 1000 hp w/ no other mods.:eek:
No, no, no, you got it all wrong cf radiator cap=1000hp! Gas cap is only 250...:checkit:
What do CF cigarette lighters add!:eek: :eek: :eek:
a stylish way to light your cigarette:rolleyes:

sheesh what did you think?...:lol:
21 - 40 of 46 Posts
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