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Is there an interest in CF Version 6 lips?

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I think I can get these made, if you guys are SERIOUSLY interested, post here and i can show the guy this thread. I *think* it would be around 200-250 dollars.

Shit, I want one! Hahaha..
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I tried getting AeroSim to do a Ver. 6 front lip in CF. I needed about 10 people and I only got 5-6. Turns out that they too backed out at the last minute. Everyone wants the P-1 front lip.
yah, I wouldn't mind a P1 front lip either, but 300 in CF is STEEP for a front lip. Sigh.. oh well..
Ohh, gimmie gimme! For that price I'd love one (perfer more around the $200 area :) )

No one else wants one? C'mon! I REALLY, REALLY want one!

I'm Interested in the lip, one good way to justify the price of the CF lips is that you dont have to get it painted.

What company will be making this CF lip? I believe if you were to ask Fiber Images to make a CF version of the lip, they would, and could provided you gave them a lip to make the mold out of.

CF P1 Lip:rolleyes: CF Ver 6 Lip :biggest:

try posting it on *yes* i-club in the group buy forum, we may be able to get people. I may try and talk to the people doing the CF trunklid for adamsrs and see if they'll make a CF V6 lip for us.

Its my friends (he knows the peeps, doesn't own it)CF company, I've seen some of the stuff that comes outta this place and its pretty good..course I ain't gonna try to sell a bunch of crap lips, that ain't my style, and local people can come and check it out if they'd like. I'm in this cuz I want one, hehe..just like the rest of you guys, but it doesn't seem like there are many people interested. The mold costs a grip to make so they need to make it profitable.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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