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Is anyone here going to go to ALMS at Mid-Ohio this year?

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3 Weeks 'till American Lemans at Mid- Ohio

I went last year and saw a couple of RS's, and I was just wondering if anyone else is planning on going?

Maybe if there is enough interest we could have a meet or something!!??!!:)

People Intersted in Attending!

5.wizard of oz
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I was planning on hitting mid-ohio for that. I think its the same weekend as the NASCARC errr SpeedChannel World Challenge. I think it's June 28-30 IIRC? :burnout:
I'll try to make it down this year, could be fun.

hey craig..LERSOC meet? :)
depending on the date I might be able to make that. I'd like to see a race down there this year anyways. Maybe I could drag my dad and brother along too.
Last year I went up to the Road America event. That Saleen racer is just SWEET. Pretty cool track up there, I'd like to see a similar race again.

I saw a few "stock" looking RS's, while I was parked next to a butt load of Z3 Roadsters.

Where's your favorite place to see the race? I main sat down at the bottom part of the coarse where the cars come flying down the straight slow up and have to go over a hill with a turn. Reminds my of the "corkscrew" at Leguna Seca.
I always sit in the "Esses". I think that is where you described. I remember seeing a Sedona coupe last year. I went to alms and Grand-Am last year. I'm looking foreward to seeing the [email protected]%#@$# world challenge.
Last year i was in the paddock and met Dirk Mueller's(SP?) wife! He drove the German team BMW # 43. She's a hottie!

Yeah Craig the date is June 28-30. The world challenge is on friday I think.

Did anyone get to see the BF Goodrich Trans-Am cars run?? The really, really slow corvette? I was crewing on that car. Damn if we didn't have problems all weekend, then break a tranny. Anyway, I love Mid-ohio, go several times a year. I'm not crewing this year (can't race and get married in the same summer) so I'll be there!
I was there for the trans-am. I don't remember the car though. What car was it? Who is the driver?

Driver was Steve Beck. We weren't very memorable that weekend, only ran about 15 laps during the race. Oh well. The ALMS race was right before us, so they were doing pit stops while we were setting up our pit (at the back!). The Audi's came by so close I could reach out and touch them. Way cool.

Then, during the race, the driver pitted in front (Joey Scarallo) the pits about 3/4ths of the way through the race, hopped out of the car and collapsed from heat exhaustion. Never heard how he was doing till I saw him on Speedvision in Feb., running the 24 at Daytona!

Wilddave1: Ever know a guy named Rich Sanders? Think he grew up in Parkersburg (yeah, I know, not a particulary small town). He used to have a slammed Blazer!
Most the Vettes I saw was bullying the smaller cars around. I don't know if it's the same race but there was a 2 pretty good vettes one white nose and yellow other was red/white/blue with a large ace of spades on the side. Then the was another black with some yellow on the bottom.

But i'd like to know what happened to to this guy.


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He was running pretty good, but a BMW got spun around at the bottom of the esses in front of him and he hit the front of the BMW which was facing the wrong way. I actually spoke to him shortly after the wreck and he said there was nothing he could do. I have a pic of the bmw and the front of it was trashed. I think it was some type of 3 series either an M3 or 325 etc. You probably saw it it was bright yellow.

:burnout: :burnout:
That's a different series. It used to be Motorola Cup, now they call it Grand-Am Cup. You can find some great pictures at Grand-Am Cup Pictures
It's getting close to race time so a little bumb back to the top. Post if you are going or if you are interested!
Yup, I'm going for sure. My buddy already bought me tix and pit passes for a wedding present...something about needing some time for the boys!!!
I'd still like to go. Where can one buy tickets and pit passes?
Thanks Puck, hey I saw some people posting crap about you on the other board in OT. You may want to check it out.
I have handled that topic on i-club. People shouldn't hate the player just hate the game.
Man, I know it's one of the rules not to talk smack about i-clubbers......but........the vast majority of those wankers can bugger off! "Oh, look at me, mommy and daddy bought me a WRX and look at how fast I can wreck it! I'm such a tool!" :mad: People shouldn't be hatin' the Puck-man, I can vouch he is a stand up guy. F the i-club. I haven't actually browsed the boards in over 6 months. I look back at old mod instructions or the classifieds, and don't waste my time with those schmucks.

Whew, there, I have said my peace. :curse:

Mid-Ohio? Sounds like fun! I'll see if I can get some time to go that weekend.
Hey! Rule breaker!

Um... don't read my signature line, okay? :lol:
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