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I dare you all to introduce yourself...hehe :p

Well, I'm doing it.....drum rolls please...

Hi! I'm Anson. I live in Beaverton, OR. Just moved here from Chicago 2 years ago. Oregon is a pretty great place to have fun in the outdoors, but winter here is not so good because we haven't seen any snow in low altitude areas here...well, since I moved here. I hope I'm not the reason snow didn't fall here :p

I drive a pretty bare-bone (no performance mods) 2001 Impreza RS sedan, except for a few appearance modifications. Here is a pic of my friends and me with the Impreza. This pic was taken on location in Seattle's Pike Market area. I am the guy wearing a yellow jacket. :)

Note: Finally it is working! Or is it? :p
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That's Geocities for you. Just save it and attach it to your post next time. :D

It doesn't work with Geocities, non? I tried to edit my message, but all I get are the commands "http://" and "IMG"

Did I miss something else? HHHmmmm...:whine: :p
Actually I tried to go directly to the image via the URL and could not view it. Either Geocities does not allow any external linking or there's a typo?

Either way, save it to your desktop and then attach it to a reply. :D
I hope the URL is finally working. :)
NNooo? Ok, I give up and I'm stunned. :curse: :whine: :mad: :spin:
after I did the right-click, properties, copy, new window, paste thing, then clicked show image, it finally came up.

But DUDE. That girl's SHOE is on your bumper! And correct me if I'm wrong, but she's SITTING ON YOUR HOOD!!!

(ps, I'm not saying she's heavy or big or anything like that, just that the sheet metal is FRAGILE (must be Italian!))



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Oh hey.. that's a crazy license plate you've got too! Where'd you pick that up?
re: introduction


Now I see both the pic I posted and yours are working. HHmmm...or it's just me? I'm really confused now. hehe. :p

Oh, the license plate. I ordered it online at a website that do customized plates. It should be When you do a search there will be a couple that will show up. If you're still having trouble, I'd be glad to help you find it. :)

Yeah, I know she's sitting on the hood, but I had no idea she's had at foot on the bumper. I wasn't looking...oh well. And I didn't know until I got home and connected the digi cam to my computer. Oh well. :eek:

Note: Oops, I think is not working anymore, but I've found another one:
Ah. I see. :) I thought it was a real non-US plate. I've gotta keep my front plate on. Unlike some people, coughjamiecough, I don't like to tempt the law. ;)
HHmm...I think the law loves me. I had the plate on in Portland, Oregon, Seattle, and Vancouver, Canada. I parked everywhere including downtown. No tickets. :p

Eerrr...did I hear someone coughingjamiecoughing?
There is a certain blonde female RS owner without a front plate who has been pulled over more this last year than I have been in my life. ;)

This time, I'm not saying names. :biggest:
I know this is late... but so what

Hey, I'm Brett Caldwell. I just got my 2000 Silverthorn Metallic RS Coupe the weekend before last. And I just got to the Bremerton, WA area in Oct of last year. I still don't know the area well due to me being on the USS Carl Vinson and just getting back home. I have a wife named Amber, a Siberian husky named Tasha (who will never see the inside of my car), and a baby (don't know what yet) due on April 2nd. MY baby, the car, doesn't have any mods yet. It really is bare bones stock. But I plan on performance mods before summer starts definately. I'll send a pic on my next post. Hope to not have as many problems as Anson. Well, thats me. hope to see you guys out there some day.

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