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Interest in fender flares?

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So, how many people would be interested in fender flares? Cost would be $300 - $400 from what I can tell from initial contact, and might require some modification to fit our cars.

These are made from ABS-like Plastic, and can be painted. I think they just might work. There are SEVERAL different cars to pick from so I have to do some research on what would fit. Basically, *I* want something that would let me get some wider tires under there!!!

I'll have more details later.

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i'd be interested as long as they don't
look like the WRX fender flares.
I got a couple of pics of imprezas with fender flares,
but I can't post them.
purple! man i love the car in that color!
hey we can post pictures. yay!

here's some fender flares


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i knew my picture collection would come to good use some day.

more flares....


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