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Hey everyone, I've been trying to figure out what to do for a while now. Here's the situation:

I bought my '00 RS from this guy and he had swapped in a JDM EJ25. Through my scouring of the internet I've come to the following conclusions regarding the type/year of the engine itself. It's a 4 Cam 16-Valve (Written on the ..(valve covers?). And in my research I guess that means it DOHC. The intake manifold that he used doesn't appear to be the correct one or something. Here is where my lack of knowledge in these departments starts to show. My car doesn't know how to idle. It's missing a sensor of some sort...I think the engine could be a '98 from a Legacy or something, so if I remember correctly it should be using MAP..right? Anyhoo, there's an input for something on the manifold (I have the "wiring" that fits into it, but it's just a weird plastic connector with some short wires coming out of it), I think it's like a throttle/idle control thingamagigger.

From what I've read, some manifolds don't have a certain sensor, where the others do. I'm pretty sure he just re-used his 2.5 SOHC (USDM, EJ251) manifold on top of this JDM motor.

If anyone could help me determine which EJ25 motor I have (I.e Ej251, blah blah blah), and what intake manifold would work with it? I'd really like to find one that has the sensor and stuff already in it, so I just have to wire it in somewheres.

Also, the connector for my A/C will not fit the Compressor's connector. Where is this connector going? And is it related to the intake manifold as well?

I know the manifold is wrong as well because my (where the ignition wires come from) is only attached with one bolt, and obviously doesn't fit where it should.

Sorry for being noob on you, what terms/info I do know is only from reading hundreds of forum posts on a bajillion topics in the last week.

VISUAL AIDS! (Sorry for the quality, I used my phone)

Fresh After a Wax! (Cuz I know you all like seeing other RS')

Top view of the intake manifold.

The weird sensor like connector thingy, and the connector that plugs into it.

Notice where the coil pack is mounted...

Valve cover

A/C Connection (Right/JDM) And The A/C Connector (Left/USDM?)

Any help would be appreciated greatly and would ease a lot of frustration lol.

New NGK wires are en route as we speak along with rotors/pads/struts (completely unrelated but meh.)

EDIT!!: Ok so the wires came today, and they're the wrong ones... FX58s. So the only other dohc 2.5l was the EJ25D. So I went and ordered the Fx50 wires.

EDIT AGAIN!: The other wires came and I was able to put 2 of them on...since the coil pack is in the wrong spot the other 2 wires weren't long enough to reach so I'm still stuck with 2 old ones =(. Also I have my new rotors/pads/struts all installed! Very smexy.


P.S> The CAI was on there when I got it, so if you have any clue what the clamped hose-point is supposed to be for, that'd be great too lol. Also I hate it and it looks like poo.

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Definately a DOHC motor, but your intake is what's screwin with me right now. I haven't seen one with the IAC on the drivers side like that. Passengers side? yeah, but never drivers side. That's probably your problem. Also, your throttle body isn't the stock one either.

Your stock RS would have an IAC on the throttle body, with a port leading into the top of the intake manifold. I know, i've got 2 manifolds sitting downstairs (one from a '99rs, one from a '01). The later ones ('00 and '01) got that MAP sensor on the top of the intake.

Square thingamajig is a "Coil Pack" and its supposed to be mounted to three studs, almost where it is. It appears that it's the stock coil pack, but on the wrong intake again.

Here's kostamojen's car, see the sensor on top of the throttle body? that's the IAC (idle air controller). The coil pack mounts where his is.

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check this:

It's probably this jdm ej25. On the description, it explains briefly how you need to replace the intake manifold, etc. Looks like the previous owner swapped the whole thing, tapped the top of the manifold for the (crooked) sensor, half assed mounted his old coilpack, and called it a day. I'd imagine he used his existing wiring harness from his 00 RS, so you could get it working properly by replacing that intake manifold with an '00 RS (what your car originally came with).

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Awesome guys, thanks for such great info! My fave line was " tapped the top of the manifold for the (crooked) sensor, half assed mounted his old coilpack, and called it a day." I laughed so hard lol. Now, anyone know where to get a '00 RS intake manifold? (Preferably with the TB attached?).

Also, that means sticking the 00 manifold on the ej25d will work without issues?

I love you guys.

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K, so I'm picking up a 2.2 intake manifold and the throttle body w/sensors to go with it, thanks kijiji for finding me one so close to home (2 hours or so..)


$150 for both, good deal?

I think so.

Got my car scheduled in for Tuesday to get all my struts replaced (just with oem ones for now, the old ones have never been changed out since new), and to get all new rotors/pads installed as well. I'm also lazy and am making them paint my calipers as well (all parts provided by me of course). Yay for online shopping! New ignition wires are on their way as well! woo!

Too bad my pay check is gonna take a massive blow to the head lol.

I shall post new pics once all the new stuff is installed!

Btw, props to the manuals in the DIY section which I stumbled upon today! Awesome guys!

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