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I bought a CosmoRacing CAI for my 98. They also offer a short ram intake. Price is right and fit couldn't be easier...I was VERY surprised at how well the CAI fit perfectly into the fender cutout. I was afraid by the price that it would take some mods or fabrication but took none to get it to fit where it was supposed to be routed.. As far as assembly, no fabrication or mods there, either. remove everything from the intake box on the TB to the intake silencer inside the fender well and replace with the Cosmo Racing tubing, using the stock MAF and the cosmo adapter....

I have had mine on for a couple of months, now (I commute 300+ miles per week) and have had absolutely NO issues to complain about with it.

Hope that helps....Feel free to e-mail if you would like pics or if any questions.
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Moberly, Missouri
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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