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Intake hoses?

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When I installed my intake today, I was unable to find car specific hosing in the size I need. So I used some PVC braided hosing instead. Is this ok or should I go change it as soon as possible?
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From what I understand, PVC out-gasses chlorine when it's heated, as it is by underhood temps. It's not good for the engine, but I'm not really sure how bad it is, either. James has a DIY PVC intake on his car, and he hasn't had any problems from it yet. But I would use ABS ove PVC, just to be on the safe side. One thing, though, I can't think of what PVC braided hose looks like or is. Could you explain or put up a pic?
It's clear with white PVC braids going through it. It looks pretty nifty actually. The piping is rated to 175 deg F. I think it's supposed to be used for hot tubs? I'll grab some pics once I shower and get dressed (I just woke up, woohoo my day to sleep in :)).
Chlorine in a hottub, not a problem.
Chlorine gas in you intake charge, not good.
Chlorine is a corrosive gas, I believe.

A highly irritating, greenish-yellow gaseous halogen, capable of combining with nearly all other elements, produced principally by electrolysis of sodium chloride and used widely to purify water, as a disinfectant and bleaching agent, and in the manufacture of many important compounds including chloroform and carbon tetrachloride.
Once again, though, I will say i don't know how big a problem this is for an intake, but that all intake manufacureres, AFAIK, use either ABS or a metal, not PVC.
What size is the hose?
It absolutely will not hurt anything by being on the car. We use the stuff on our racecars all the time. Just make sure it doesn't melt. If it does you will only have a vacumm leak, not chlorine gas. Pvc piping is bad.
Thanks stealth.

It's 0.5".
I know heater hose comes in .5" diameter; so you could probably use that, too, if you were to change your mind. The hose you have now looks pretty good, though.

What did you do with the other 2 hoses. Aren't ther three total.
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