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Rates are dependant on the state that you reside in and the city as well. In Florida rates are generally lower than they were than when I lived near Washington D.C.

However I moved to Tampa, Florida and my rates rose significantly (due to auto theft in Tampa), when I moved across the Bay to St. Petersburg (50 miles away) my rates fell again.

I'm a 27 year old single,male with a fairly clean driving record and I pay $1500 USD a year. That's with a 99 Impreza 2.5RS (non Turbo)

My suggestion is that you sell the WRX. When you come here to the states, buy a cheap vehicle (Toyota Camry, Honda Accord) and drive it for a few months to stablize your insurance rates, then buy new WRX after 6 months in the states (an Aussie friend of mine has done it this way, and it has worked for him).
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