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Insurance and other questions

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As some of you know, I'm a brit, and have been thinking about getting my car (MY94 WRX Wagon) imported from the UK to the USA as I might be over here for up to 3 years.

anyway, lets ignore the fact that the emissions tests won't let it in for the moment.

lets say that the car did make it into the country.

Who would I use for insurance? I know some of you have modified 2.5l RS's with turbos/superchargers, so which insurance company do you use? what are the premiums like?

The car, as mentioned, is a 1994 Subaru Impreza WRX Wagon, it's 2.0l Turbo. It is also moddified with; lowered suspension, full stainless exhaust system, 17 inch allow wheels, front strut brace, HKS induction kit, umm, that's about it.

So, insurance in the UK is fairly high, what would it be like over here?

Another point is fuel, I'm pretty sure you guys have a slightly different rating to the UK. I'm used to running on 98 RON (UK RON that is) fuel. can you get that over here?

Also, do cars need to have an official annual inspection to determine roadworthyness as they do in the uk (called an MOT in the uk) if so then what does this cover, because I'm sure my car would fail this.

thanks for any answers.

note, I'm going to post this on i-club as well.
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Sorry, cross posting on the I-club is not allowed. :lol: Just kidding!

Okay, for real now, this is what I recall from looking into it a year or two ago:

1. You have to make sure it will pass the crash test if it's not federally approved (which it is not.) So that is a deal killer right there.

2. Or, you can sign a waiver saying you will only use it off-road for racing purposes only (basically) and never on the street. They can inspect your car at random and at will to be sure you're not cheating. I should also mention that the paperwork involved, not to mention the costs, rules this out for the average Joe. You have to get a bond in the value of the car, ship the car here, and then if the government changes their mind, ship it back. It's messy. :(

3. Assuming the car does not meet federal crash tests, I doubt many insurance companies would want to cover you for collision, and that could be a problem.

4. Best octane (which may not be 1=1 rating) I've seen at the pump is around 92 - 93, and some (few and far between) outfits sell 100 octane at around $4.00 a gallon. VERY hard to find, though.

5. No annual inspection, other than some states want a smog check. California you'll never pass, and some other states (as far as I can tell) just don't even care! Like Colorado! :D

Okay, see, what do you need that "other" club for? :lol:
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thanks for that. hmm, crash test, interesting

so, what about insurance if it does get through?

any idea whether Illionios requires a smog test?
On my RS I think I am paying about $800 a year. 32 year old male, married, no tickets, no accidents. Some pay more, some pay less. Hard to say, really.

Illinois emissions? I have no clue. Someone? A little help...

In the UK I'm paying 1400 GB, which in todays money equates to... $1973.42

so guess I'd be looking at about the same. maybe
Rates are dependant on the state that you reside in and the city as well. In Florida rates are generally lower than they were than when I lived near Washington D.C.

However I moved to Tampa, Florida and my rates rose significantly (due to auto theft in Tampa), when I moved across the Bay to St. Petersburg (50 miles away) my rates fell again.

I'm a 27 year old single,male with a fairly clean driving record and I pay $1500 USD a year. That's with a 99 Impreza 2.5RS (non Turbo)

My suggestion is that you sell the WRX. When you come here to the states, buy a cheap vehicle (Toyota Camry, Honda Accord) and drive it for a few months to stablize your insurance rates, then buy new WRX after 6 months in the states (an Aussie friend of mine has done it this way, and it has worked for him).
In IL, smog tests are required.

It'll be hard getting the blackbeast into the country as a whole car.

You could find a 94 Impreza L @ the breaker yard and get the VIN # off it and go that route...PITA IMO.

As for insurance, in Chicago it actually depends on the zip code. I used to live in a super crappy neighbourhood and they wanted $800/6 months because of the auto theft rate. If I would have lived literally 2 blocks up in Evanston (nice suburb - home of Northwestern University) I would have paid ~25% less/6 months.

IMO, insurance is an F'n scam!!!

Good luck Markus, if you come up to Chicago email me and we'll go out for fish & chips. :D

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