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I was planning on getting a stock CD player for my impreza. I don't want to have to pay the installation fee. The dealer said that Subarus aren't easy to install a CD player. Can anyone give me tips or directions on how I could install one? Thanks.

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The dealer flat out LIED. :curse:

First, go buy it somewhere else.

Second, here's how to do it:

1. Pop the center console lid, remove the two screws (front edge, covered by little round caps) that hold the panel that goes under the parking brake lever.

2. Lift the panel up and out

3. Remove the panel under the stereo/ashtray. Just wiggle and pull it out

4. Remove the bezel around the stereo - you should also be able to just grab it and yank it off carefully.

5. There are 4 screws that hold the stereo on - two on each side - undo them

6. Pull the stereo out, disconnect the rear harness, antenna wire, ground wire on the side (I usually have to bend the tab a little to get to the release button/tab on the clip)

7. Take the CD player and slide it into the empty spot under the stereo, fasten with screws supplied (I hope!) and plug in CD-to-radio harness

8. Reconnect wires and test it to be sure it works.

9. If it works, then reinstall in reverse order.

I'm sure this is on somewhere, too. :D
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