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Installed: Pirelli P-Zero Rosso

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I got this tire @ town fair tire. I ordered the regular P-Zeros (yellow) but for some reason the red (rosso) was installed. Hey, I'm not complaining!:biggest: . The size is 205/55/ZR-16. I do not feel the need for rims (i like the stockers just fine), so I decided o go all out on tires, and I am glad I did.

Noise: I'm only comparing it to the RE92s, and road noise is the same.

Handling: This thing just keeps on gripping!:biggest: I never realized how much tires can make a difference! The car is A LOT more responsive, and is solid during turns. For some reason, the bouciness the car was having w/ the RE92s (i have coilovers) is basically gone, maybe it is the alignment, maybe it is the stiffer sidewall, but I don't really care. Wet grip is amazing also. The rosso I heard has great wet surface traction, and I found this to be true! I was amazed when I first installed my coilovers, but I am just as amazed as to how much difference a set of tires made.

I have not had too much time with the tires, so I can't give you a comprehensive review.

The cost: 4 tires+installation+alignment=$650. Not too bad.

Now I know why other impreza owners were telling me to get tires first! Simply amazing!

Other mods: cusco zero 2r coilovers, F/R cusco os strut bars, cusco rear control arm bar, cusco adj. rear sway bar set @ 20mm.

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yeah, the limiting factor of the car's handling from the factory is definetly the tires. even with a stock suspension, i've found that my car handles immensely better with tires. i have dunlop SP5000 for the street, and they're not bad, but the true grip potential of the stock suspension and AWD really shows itself on R compounds or rally tires :eek: god, i love my car :D
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