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indiglo guages in km/h

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anybody make this?
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mine is in mph and km/h :p
but the km/h is in the inside and a lil bit smaller font. I got mine last year from K-indiglo or something like that. top quality stuff and digital 6-color.
mine has the kmh on the outside with the mph on the interior and a 2.5RS written on the tach gauge... i don't have any pics of it... but i can get some (it'll take time... no digicam here, yet)...

as for who made it... i can't remember correctly... but iSR has the same ones for sale here, halfway down the page

and if you plan on getting them... DO NOT remove the needles from the gauge cluster... too much trouble involved...

edit: not with KMH as the main readout though... my bad...
I can swear I have seen them in KM/h main readouts.
I used to want one with KM/h, since I lived in europe most of my life.
There used to be a website for those Indiglos, with a whole lot of pictures. I dont have it now.
Do a search on I-Club I guess.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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