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Indiana Solo II Schedules

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I put this on the "other" board so I figured I would put it here also.

I am really bored. I am actually waiting for paint to dry, so I thought I would put my time to some good use. After a little searching I came up with this:

March 17...Columbus Points Event...Walesburo
April 6...Indy Region Test and Tune...Busch Stadium
...Ft. Wayne Solo School...International Parking Lot
April 7...Ft. Wayne Points Event...Int'l Parking lot
April 13...Columbus Solo School...Walesburo
April 14...Columbus Points Event...Walesburo
...South Bend Points Event...Grissom Areoplex
April 28...Indy Region points event...Busch Stadium

Oops, The buzzer went off...I can take clothes out of the dryer!

I can be wrong, so make sure to check the dates/locations but I think they are all correct. Got to get the clothes.

And yes I really am waiting for paint to dry!
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