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In search of... The 2.5RS FAQ

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Over on the i-Club, I appealed several times for someone to collate and organize the huge body of information that exists on our cars. I volunteered to help, but (of course) no one ever got back to me. The i-Club management has been "working on it" for the past year at least, but there's no sign of progress. If the I-club modifications pages are anything to go by, the end result wouldn't be much use anyway.

There was also discussion about a turbo RS FAQ. Again, lots of talk but no action.

So I throw this out: would anyone here be interested in going through the various Subaru enthusiast and vendor sites on the internet and collecting and cataloging information about the Impreza RS? I think this project would take the efforts of a group of people.

James--would you host such a FAQ?
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existing faq

A while ago I saved the impreza faq from scoobynet. I have it on my HD, it's about 212k of nothing but text!! The link to the actual faq is now 404. I don't know where they moved it too, but I still have it. :) Although it is primarily geared toward the GC8 WRX, most of it can apply to us.

ok if you preview with the attatchment... the attachment goes away. :eek:


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I was thinking of making a place for FAQ and what not and would be interested in someone spearheading this project, making an HTML page, and then I'll put it up on my site if you're interested. The only thing I would ask for is that it looks sort of like my existing pages, which use a stylesheet and clean layout.

Any volunteers? PM me. :D
I have a link to that that still works, no 404 error. Here it is:
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