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If you had a '96 Legacy GT Wagon (auto), what would you do?

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A friend of the family needs to sell her '96 Legacy GT wagon. I'm debating whether to buy a new TS from Prestige and mod that or to buy her GT for around 7k and go nuts on it.

The GT needs a little cosmetic love, but it only has 44,580 miles on it! It's just begging for some kind of forced induction or an STi drivetrain swap. Of course it would need a manual tranny at the first possible opportunity. :D

What do you guys think? New school for the chassis but in a smaller car, and get the new car smell? Or go old skool Legacy Wagon and turn it into a B4 RSK killer?

:confused: :p :happynow:
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Oh you Fucker! You said it!
I hate my lesbian alter ego.:nuetron:
Buy the Legacy Wagon!!!!!!!!
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