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If you had a '96 Legacy GT Wagon (auto), what would you do?

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A friend of the family needs to sell her '96 Legacy GT wagon. I'm debating whether to buy a new TS from Prestige and mod that or to buy her GT for around 7k and go nuts on it.

The GT needs a little cosmetic love, but it only has 44,580 miles on it! It's just begging for some kind of forced induction or an STi drivetrain swap. Of course it would need a manual tranny at the first possible opportunity. :D

What do you guys think? New school for the chassis but in a smaller car, and get the new car smell? Or go old skool Legacy Wagon and turn it into a B4 RSK killer?

:confused: :p :happynow:
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Well, just from a dollars and cents standpoint... I can get the Legacy and SWAP IN a WRX STi engine and tranny for less than it would cost me to buy a TS new... I can get a whole STi front clip with the wiring harness, ecu, diffs, etc... for 5 grand.

The difference is that it would be a cash transaction instead of being financed... but i'm exploring some options at the moment.

Here's the math:

$7200 1996 Legacy GT Wagon
$5000 1998 WRX STi engine and etc.
$1500 Swap labor (just a guess)
$2000 Ohlins 36mm Dual Adjustable suspension
$1000 Full exhaust (Brullen)
$500 Various other suspension componentry (sways, bushings)
$17200 = Price of a new TS, EJ25 with drum brakes, crap suspension, etc.

Hmmm.... everything I'd need to do to the Legacy I would also have to do to the TS. Even supercharged, it would cost about the same to do it right. So, 17k for the car + 10k in mods. Seems a little excessive. On the flip side, I can finance quite a bit of that. With a 7k down payment on the TS, my monthly would be in the high 200s. Hmm.

And yes, I do want a wagon. If I could find a newer body style Legacy for this price point I'd probably jump on that.
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1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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