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It was just bad luck but it cracks me up!

Car: 1994 Buick LeSabre Custom. Gold w/ wood trim. 93k miles. V6 auto.

Ugliest car, but it was nice to drive, we got it for free in 00 from my grandmom who had no use for 2 cars anymore.

It had 14k on it. then. Yea, a 6year old car with 14k on it!

Anyway, my father has been telling my its starting to vibrate when stopped.

I experienced this yesterday for the first time. Felt like the car was still trying to move. Would do this even when letting off the gas till about 20.

So I got a tank of premium, and had at my normal day of driving. Drove about 100 miles and got home and was pleased with the increase in pep and response from the engine, and it was running smoother.

That aside, today on my 120mile drive home from our cabin, I got to 40 miles out, and got to a decent hill. Car downshifted once, then AGAIN and you hear the engine rev limit.

I drove the rest of the 40 miles going 20mph stuck in 2nd gear, then 1st gear.

Moral of this story I will joke about with my friends over:

It is truely obvious that using premium will add hundreds of horse power to blow your transmission!

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OP, what the hell are you talking about? The post seems almost incomprehensible. Also, are you trying to say that 98 ruined your tranny?
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