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Be happy for where you live. Right now I am in Brunswick Georgia for my job I travel a lot and this weekend I am stuck in Brunswick and my dad and I decided to go to the local mall and Wal-Mart supercenter. At the mall there were all kinds of thuged out kids running around with hats on sideways and one pants leg up the other down looking hard (icey hot stunnas to your right and left) and when you go to the mall you expect to see atleast a couple good looking girls around but not hear. Then to top it off the knife store in the mall had no less then 4 rows of confederated flag, nascar, and various proud to be ******* t-shirts and other apparel.
The Wal-Mart was another experience all together while waiting in line I was stuck behind not one but two people in two different lines who after the person rang up there 300$ worth of goods there check card was declined and wanted to argue about it with the manager who was no where to be found. I am a truck driver and have been to lots of places but this has to top my list as one of the worst. I just wish I were home in some civilization

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Welcome to the deep south man...they do things a little differently down there...drove through Georgia once...don't plan on going back. Just don't hate them cause they're different, think of what they must have thought about you!!:eek: :checkit:

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