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I ordered my Fidanza flywheel & ACt clutch!! Install expensive!!

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Whats up,
I am sure all of you know I work at stohlmans and get hooked up sometimes with installs and parts!!/.. But for some damn reason I asked my MASter suby tech who has installed a rimmer charger and messed around big time with some WRX's!!/
But anyways. He wants 500 bucks for instal on flywheel clutch and my STi tranny mount!!!
Damn thats almost 8 hrs labor. He will ghet it all done in 4 hr max...
i need to talk to this guy
] what do you all think
blaster pipercub, jagcars??????? anyone???

I hope my gains are impressive..
350.00 for flywheel shipped to my door +
300.00 new in box ACT clutch street setup clutch shipped to my door!!
SO my labor is almost 90% of my parts cost!!:stupid: :flame: :confused:
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Well if you ask nice we might be able to help you... :D

Do you have a garage to do the work at?
I have a 60 foot pit that we use for our tractor-trailers thats inside and heated but no lift unfortanly.
I have a garage

Hey guys,
I Have installed everything u see on my car MYSELF at home or a my work! I do not want to in install the clutch at my house. I want a PRO to do it but not pay 500. bucks
so i will work something out??
Richie if i were you i would take SkiToBe up on his offer!
I might Just do it very soon at My work!!! Me and one of my buddies will do this!! I hope
Thanks a lot for the offer SKItoBE11!!!!
:) :)

I will keep u all posted when i get all this installed !!!

Richie, if your talkin' about Sparrow, that MOFO could prabably do it in less than an hour!!! but that's the way it is! I would do it for you, but I don't want to [email protected]#$ with that heavy-ass trans. without the lift and trans.-jack.

However, I can do your motor mounts, just tell me when. actually I need to come up to Stohlman's to get a few parts, so I'll talk to you then.

Later dude.

You Chris,
U are right. It will take sparrow about 3 hrs probably..
I want this done now. He bojangles to damn much!!!!!
Hit me up when u stop buy My work!!

well i got iT all INSTALLED

Ok guys, I got my clucth flywheel and tranny mount for 250 bucks!!! I am very happy with the results. I have no problem in first gear and no bad vibes!! It is awesome I recommend this like shit!!
Have fiun

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