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I'm building a drifting machine and need your help

I have just aquired a '90 legacy wagon 5sp AWD. I plan on making a JDM drifting machine out of it. There is only 1 problem with that. I haven't been able to find pics of any of these yet. Could you guys plese let me know if you kow where some might be.

This is what I have for the car so far,

2000 RS wheels with re 92's
4 fairly new spare RE 92's
BPM exaust
Parts to build a intake with
'02 WRX struts and springs
'00 RS springs (might use these because I think they're stiffer)
WRX rear sway bar
Sway-a-way 20mm front sway bar
1 set of 5 point harnasses
'00 RS stearing wheel
Carbon Fiber shift knob
Supplys and equipment to do a roll cage

So far this is all stuff I have laying around. Here is a l;ist of what I still need.

1 racing seat-black
24mm rear sway bar
better spring and struts than what I listed above
any JDM parts that would go on the car ( headlights and tail lights if they are differant)
1 Drivers side front door
Front windshield
JDM drifter style stickers to put all over it

If you guys can help me find or get some of these things it would greatly help out. I will post pics as the build goes together.


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there was one I saw that was a 90 legacy sedan that was built for drifting.
not sure how a wagon would work but im sure its possible. seen on YouTube people drifting foresters so legacy wagon is possible

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There have been one or two over the years that I have seen set up for drifting. RWD conversion is a must. Having the EJ22T model is a major plus but I suppose not required.
Basically just follow the typical drifter on a budget formula - RWD, slammed on cheap coilovers, cheap (narrow) tires.

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i aim to please. gotta help out this younger generation. it's my civic duty.
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