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Hi everyone,

I am currently attempting to increase my settlment from Autopac (our public insurance) after getting into an accident and writing off my 98 2.5RS..

Anyway What I need help finding:

1) Production information regarding how few 1998 2.5RS's where sold in CANADA specifically, however i'm sure the North American Production information would give the same effect.

2) I also would like to know if anyone has recently sold a 98 2.5RS (red one ?) and what you received for it - as well the reverse, if you recently purchased one, what did you get it for, other important information affecting price such as aftermarket parts and mileage is greatly appreciated!!

I already have many ads for other 98 and 99 scoobies for sale, with similar mileage, and am printing up some digital pictures of my car to give to my insurance company to show how nice of a car it was :( *sniff*

I really wish I could just head outside & hop in the car, guess I will have to get to work on that Time Machine once I get that settlement :( you'll probably see me in a 2004 or 2005 WRX once I pay off the rest of this loan I took out on this 2.5RS only 6 months ago :(

Please contact me through email [email protected]
or ICQ 39176241

You can PM me here, but if you don't mind give me a quick email as well, or if you PM, include a quick message in this thread so I can get a notification :)


Still no word on parts/buy back cost.. I will post that info in this (and my other thread in the car gallery) when I get it...

note: this is a cross post from I-club to ensure I get as much information as possible, thanks for putting up with reading it twice, everyone

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Guess I don't need to give you the same info here as I did there then, do I! I don't remember the link to the pics over there, though. Those are wicked! What happened, exactly? At least it looks like the fron crumple zone did it's job, and the insurance company should be very glad you where driving a car with such a high safety rating.

Edit: Just finished looking at the pics, and now I'm a sad panda:(
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