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I know it's early....

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Here's a link to the pscc page. Two seasons ago there were maybe 1 or 2 other subs at a race. This past season was great, we had a average of 8. I'de like to see more, so if I lose I'de rather it be to someone I know. I hope to see you all there


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WOW! That BRP RS next to Weasel 555's WRB WRX is sooooooooooo hot! ;)

i just wish track racing wasn't so expensive :(
Agreed. But sometimes it's well worth it. BTW, that pic isn't of a track. It's the Orange County Airport. That was an autox from last year.

yea, i know
i went to the link though and noticed how much it is to pre-register and to register on the day of the event :eek: :run:
Right... my bad.

Hey... have you been doing the Camden autox's? I'm a member of NASA and we're having our first one on 3/10/02. :)

NASA in our area isn't as Safe as the SCCA ...less regs. no insurance and it costs more ...but we both auto-x for the SCCA at Camden. next one march 9th ...don't forget early in the summer series we are gonna have North Jesery region vs. philly region auto-x NOW that should be FUN!
i need a helmet now...they don't rent them anymore here. stupid people kept permanently borrowing them
i like using the pink loaner helmets :biggest:
yeah our region painted all there helmets pink so that people wouldn't do that anymore REAL well too.
$300 for wing that does nothing = 2 track events
$200 for chin spoiler that does nothing = 1.5 track events
$200 ugly :p headlights = 1.5 track events
$500 rota subzeros = 3 track events

Come on, now, Tom.... Quit whining about prices and spend some of that hard earned cash on something that you will remember for the rest of your life.... NASA is having a track school / TT at Limerock in April.... I'm thinking about going... Are you in? You'll need a NASA membership......

Painting the helmets pink was my idea. I thought they would look more stylish.:eek:
See my rice was free, and all my cheapass can afford is the SCCA
i gotta save up to get
1. Rubber for the Rota's
2. New rubber for my stock wheels
3. Side skirts and rear to go on (that does nothing)
4. ProECM chip (that some say does nothing)

Hey ROY, I want to try a track event but I feel like this will happen.

$600 complete v.6 body upgrade
$350 wing
$1600 wheels and tires
flying off course into a protective wall because I was trying to catch Roy, PRICELESS.
Hey guys...

Wassup! My first post on! :boxer: who's ready to fight! :p :D
*punches Samirr on the nose*

:) Welcome to Samirr. :)
teehee!:curse: :devil: :p :checkit:
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