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i keep hearing GC8 "WRX STi Type V"

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what is it? or did they mean STi Type V=version?? or Ver. V??

.......and there is the 22B, the STi Type V, etc
and another

The 22b and the type V are killers.

The 22B is awesome as f**k. So is the Type V.

so does anyone have a clue?
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I hear that Type V kicks ass though.
there are many different versions of the STi in the GC8 body style.

They are all 2.0 turbos i believe that the ver. 4 aka VerIV, was 265 hp.

the ver V and ver VI were 276hp regulated by Japanese federal law. As was the 22b.

the 22b however was a much more potnet car. 2.2 turbo, only available as a 2 door model and was flared to match the WRC car. The entire car on the outside was made of aluminum including the doors and rear quarters. The frame was actually that of a ver 5 type RA and was cut to put on the alumium skins.
With a much closer gear box than that of a ver 5 or 6, the 22b rocketed to 60 in almost 4sec flat(i think) while it was still limited by japanese law to lony 276 hp.

This should clarify things up on what these types of impreza's are.

For more info on the 22b goto
This will give you plenty of info including entire history, specs and videos of course.

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i know what the 22B STi Ver. is but the "Type V" is something i've not heard of.
ok, lets get a few things straight. it is not illegal in japan to have more than 276hp (or 280, depending on which method is being used), it is just heavilly taxed, just like having an engine over 2000cc. the 22b used an ej20 bored out to 2.2L that made ~350bhp/~300 lb/ft of torque. with the STi, they are often refered to by version # instead of year, kind of like refering to a MY98 M3 as an E36, although there are less differences in the STi versions. the version 5 and 6 were the last two of the GC8, and that is where our front facias come from. there were also specialty versions of the STi called the Type RA. these were basically GrN cars built by the factory. in fact, at the 100 Acre Wood Clubrally Nat'l Championships this past weekend, an STi v5 Type RA took 3rd. its my bet that the people calling an STi a "type V" are combining the version number and the race version designation. also, there is a Forrester STi v.2 Type M out in Japan right now.
And the whole 276/280 hp limit is just a bunch of hooey. Back in the day American car companies often published very conservative power figures for their top dogs. Why? Insurance, media pressure, who knows. They still do it today - although generally the American's aren't the ones underrating their power plants. So they publish figures of 276/280, the government is happy, and the customers are happy because they get more than what they expect.

One fine example is the '68/69(forgot which year, maybe both) Camaro with the 302. Yeah, that's right. A 302 Chevy. It was designed and built as a race motor, but as we all know it had to be offered as an option on the car so they could use it on the track. And so it was. And it was seriously underrated from the factory - I think they stated something like 300 hp, when it really turned out closer to 500.
actually Jeff it was a Ver. 5 Type R coupe, the RA is a sedan only.

Fuji, I'm assuming the "Type V" is just a misunderstood Ver 5...
i did a little reasearching and found

WRX type RA STi Version II V-Limited
WRX STi Version III V-Limited
WRX type RA STi Version IV V-Limited
WRX type R STi Version V Limited
WRX type RA STi Version V Limited

but i still dunno why they say "Type V":confused: STiShawn, maybe just a mistaken "Ver. V" like you said.
there were v-limited versions of the RA,R, and 4-door
for the versions 4 5 and 6 as well.
they all came in rally blue. didn't know there were any v-limited version before v4.

here's a pic of the v-limited v.5 type RA


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so what exactly does "v-limited" deliniate?
limited edition or version-limited (v-limited)?
i think they make like 500 or 50 of each v-limited model.
but what is special about the "limited" aspect?
Rally blue paint. limited quantity.
I'll check out the details of the article on the version 6 RA v-limited in my impreza magazine.
info about RA v-limited

here's what I noticed about the Subaru Impreza WRX STi Ver. VI Type-RA limited. (wow that's got to be the longest name for a car ever)

painted in Rally blue (code 74F)
Rays 6 spoke gold wheels (16x7+58)205/50-16
re010 tires
Bi-level wing

blue plaque below ashtray "Limited STi xxxx/2000
Subaru WRC Limited Edition"

Gauge cluster surround painted blue
Trim around "radio" temp dials and shifter painted blue
STI Shift pattern sticker below shifter on center consle painted blue
STI seats in blue(possibly suede). with WRC swish logo and STI emblem stitched . rear seats black
STI round shiftknob with blue "cap" with subaru WRC swish logo
door sills : surprise: just plain black and plastic

Other details which may be the same as regular Ver. VI Type-RA

red painted exhaust manifold
Front Skid plate
EJ 207 enjine
New wrx style pedals aluminum with black inserts (not the colored STI ones)
no radio

I'm sure there might be other differences, but I can't
tell since I can't read Japanese.

Interesting notes :
No rear spats (ALL Type RA's don't have spats)
No ver.6 front lip (Type RA's don't have lip either)
different LSD
The race ready Type- RA has A/C climate control! (3 dials
one to control output (top/front/bilevel/defrost). One for temperature
setting and one for speed (off/auto/low-->high)
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wow, thanks for the info. so its basically cosmetic stuff then.

two questions, however. first, on the wheel offset, is it really +58 :eek: or +53 like all the others? secondly, are you positive about the A/C on the RA, i was under the impression that they did not come so equiped.
know what the 22B STi Ver. is but the "Type V" is something i've not heard of.
The Type V naming is simply using the old Roman (Latin) numbering system

IV=4 ( that is 1 before 5 :) )
V = 5
VI =6
VII =7
IX = 9
X =10

etc etc

however it would get really interesting if they used the full year of manufacture as the model number because then the 22B eg would be the

STI Type MCMXCVIII :D Where M = 1000 C = 100 :boring: LOL

and that would make for a VERY long badge on the trunk :yikes:



PS if you want a really detailed explanation of the different Impreza special models then check out
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10th Warrior said:
wow, thanks for the info. so its basically cosmetic stuff then.

two questions, however. first, on the wheel offset, is it really +58 :eek: or +53 like all the others? secondly, are you positive about the A/C on the RA, i was under the impression that they did not come so equiped.

there might be other difference, but I couldn't tell from looking at the pictures.
not sure what the +58 means. but then again they aren't subaru wheels but rather RAYS/Volk wheels.
Also yes it does have climate control. the picture clearly shows 3 dials. One dial changes temperature setting and there is also an A/C button below the dials. Yes I'm surprised too.
But then again there is no radio.
the 22b used an ej20 bored out to 2.2L that made ~350bhp/~300 lb/ft of torque.
10th Warrior..

Seeing that I have owned a 22B for the last 2 years, I'm very soory to tell you that you are very, very wrong and should not believe what you read in magazines.. ;)

Standard 22B's produce around 276hp, and most make less, and around the same torque figure. modified ones may be different but I have not seen "proveable" figures higher than this ( and this includes some very *cough* noisey UK 22b owners ;) )

Where they do win is the different final diff ratio and the lower point of torque delivery

so you're saying motorweek lied to me. my faith in humanity is shattered :eek:
alright, i got a new one (life would be so boring without JDM car titles). the latest issue of Japanese Performance (UK mag) has a Subaru Impreza WRX STi Type R v3 Signature *whew* on the cover. what is the signature edition you ask? well, its a canary yellow paint job, some speacial gray wheels (unfortunately not on the car driven) and 555 logos embroidered on the front seats. all this on top of a Type R makes a very badass car :D
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