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I have a 93 Impreza L 1.8L. Sometimes when I'm driving, the RPM's bog down or stay the same, then the engine gives out a sound like a dead growl, and with accelerator pushed in more the RPM'S go nowhere. Sometimes when this is happening if I let off the accelerator or move it around, it will catch up and be fine. This time I was driving it began happening and then I pulled over to the side of the road and it did the deep growl and the car stumled like Peaty's for about 15-20 feet then died. I then restarted it, it stumbled then died. Did it again, nothing. About 2 minutes later I tried it again, revved it up to about 4,000, stayed for a second, then completely shut off from 4K. That don't seem right. Then I went to smell the engine bay it smelled like the mixture was not burning quite right, BUT it did not smell like FUEL. Also it did smell abnormally hot, like the smell of hot metal. Though the coolant temp was fine. Spark plugs/wires have 3,000 miles on them. Fuel Filter has 3,000 miles. One other symptom I might be able to add is that this has happened to me three times now whenever I come home to Illinois from North Carolina where it has never happened before there??WTF I know the alt. is 3,000 ish feet in Illinois and 0 feet on the North Cakalaky Seaboard. I'm thinking maybe Throttle Pos. Sensor, fuel pump,??? I am not getting a Check Engine Light. I am not sure if fuel pumps slowly show signs of failure but this all happened within 5 minutes of the first stumble. Gas was just filled before this happend also. I had approx. 4.5 Gal of fuel in tank, I put in 2 16 oz. bottles of alcohol to help clean injectors and 6 Gallons of fuel. I always get Hi-Grade fuel too. WTF?? Also last December when I was last in Illinois, this begun happening. The car never died on me though it seems as if it would of if I didn't revv it up. I though it was the fuel filter, then I changed it and it still did it then a week later it went away. WTF??

I appreciate you enduring the length of this message. I wanted to give as much info as possible.

Thanks, Max

P.S. any reply is highly appreciated

Scoobymods Guy
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Sounds similar to my problem (which hasen't returned so far) Because of the age of your car I'm thinking fuel pump or something in the tank. It almost sounds like you have some crap in your fuel tank. If it happens just after you fill the tank maybe you are stirring up junk in the tank that is sitting on the bottom and it's clogging the filter that sits on the fuel pump (which is in the tank) Our tanks feed a little off the bottom so there is some dead space, if you will, that crap can accumulate. My guess is you can pull the fuel pump and look at the filter to see if there is some gunk on it.

Look here to see how to get to the fuel pump:

Here is a pic of the filter dealie that is on the pump

Something to keep in mind. If you see a fuel tanker at the gas station re-fueling their underground tanks, get gas elsewhere. Like our gas tanks, the underground ones feed about a foot off the bottom. Crap accumulates in the bottom of those tanks too (including water) when the get refilled it stirs up all sorts of shit. I know they are supposed to have filters on the pumps but I don't chance it myself. Also rather than use dry gas get some TechTron it's better IMHO. I just threw another bottle in my car for good measure.

Let us know what you find.
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