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OK Mods not sure if this belongs here or other topics so move as necessary OK :)

OK I just saw the nicest GC coupe today. ALL STOCK!!!! Even the OE muffler!

Get this I'm helping a friend at an apartment complex right. All of a sudden I see this Suby pull into a spot.RBP, goldies, perfect paint, bone stock. Well a cute blonde gets out pops the truck and gets her groceries. Meanwhile I lose it because it's the nicest RBP coupe I've seen in real life. Well I was kinda loud, but somewhat far away. She heard me and looked over to see me looking over and carrying on to my friends. She probably thought I was looking at her. Poor deluded girl. Anyway I guess it was kinda funny. Now I'm not saying anymore about where it is cause I want it. And when I get some cash I'm gonna find her and make an offer. And yes I know I have a sickness...but I think Michael Keaton said it best "it's great to be young and insane". :D

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That was MY car and MY GF so keep your damn hands off and don't even think about asking her on a date. :mad: :curse:

:blol: J/K I would go for it :)
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