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I got My FIdanza Flywheel & ACT Clutch!!

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Whats up everyone,
I bought my Fidanza flywheel from Bottle at!! I got my ACT clutch from Nirmit! He sold it new in the box for 300 bucks shipped!!!!!

INSTALLING!! This [email protected]!!
: Fidanza flywheel, ACT clutch, STi motor mounts, & Tranny mount!! I hope these mounts will quit thing down maybe.( or make them louder)!! :mad: My tech wants 500 !!

: Unorthodox UD Pulley! 1-9-01

I will keep you all updated!!!

Richie Rich:flame:
IMPREZAWD:checkit: :eek: :eek:
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sounds good!! don't break a gear with the ACT clutch!:eek:
Do you have any friends with a garage at the house, good tool set, four jackstands, two jacks, an air compressor, and two guys who have done a clutch before? If so, you can do it without dropping the $500 at the shop. That is what Pleiades, Scooby South and I did on my car.
Clutch Installation

Why did the directions say u might need to scrap some layer of metal offf to fit and all this BS ?? I hope urs was hassle free. I have done everymod myself!! Just clutch and flywheel I dont know about!! Plus bearings and tourqing everything down!!
Maybe i might not want to do that. plus 5 hours is long. I have access to my shop at work. I have a shit load of toals and so do the mechanics. I might have one of my buddies and myslef bust this out in one night after work!!!
Was this a TRUE BOLT off and bolt in!!!NO special tools required?? No special way to pull it off or replace this son of a b!! :D :biggest:
Thanks for your help!!
I only paid $200 to a guy install my ACT. Great work and a great price. Hope you like the feel of the new clutch, its quite a bit stiffer. Please let us know if you sense a difference with the Flywheel, as I don't have one since I have only heard they are worthless, only making for a nice supercharged type zinging sound!

Fuji K, I don't think that the ACT's are what break gears, but moreso the driver. For an example of this, just look at Mike Shields, he used an ACT on his Impreza for many many miles without breaking a gear. Incorrect shifting will wear away a tranny MUCH faster than a clutch with a strong pressure plate (ACT). I know that a lot of people have blamed broken gears on the ACT, but I still don't see any hard evidence proving it.

Well with the reply that TEMPLAR has quoted with His Fiadanza, I hope i feel the same!!!!!!! I am sure he knows what he is talking about He is designing a Charger!!!
There was no resurfacing that had to be done to the flywheel. The only fitment problem we had was that the two holes in the flywheel that the pins go into were the tiniest amount too small. All that had to be done was to grind the edges out with a dremel. It took like thirty seconds.

Trust me, you WILL feel the difference between a 9.3 pound flywheel and a 26 lb stock one. I don't have the exact formula, but it is the equivilant of taking well over 200 lbs out of the car. The formula for figuring the exact benefit is in the Technobabble column of the Sept 01 issue of Sport Compact Car. I would figure it out myself, but I loaned that issue to someone.

My first words when I pulled out with the new flywheel and romped on the gas were "HOLY SHIT!!!" You will get out of first gear so fast it is sick. 6000 rpms are there pretty quick.

You will have to get used to it. Normal city driving type takeoffs have to be very, very exact or you will get a fair amount of shudder, and you will hear some engine vibration occuring when you use engine braking in 1st through 4th.

I still love it despite its social inadequacies. Kind of like taking a beautiful woman out for dinner and dancing. She eats a little messy and doesn't know what fork to use, but damn can she Tango. hehehehe
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Is there a need to uninstall the UD pulley with the parts that you are installing? What's the reason for this?

Let us know how everything feels, for this upgrade is a future mod for me.
Will do...

I believe that my UD pulley plus how light my Flywheel will be = Not a good idea. To much lightening, and i am sure way too much noise with the two combined. I didnt want it anymore anyways!!

Are there heavier flywheels more like 15 lbs??? so it's a bit more city driving friendly???

Are there heavier flywheels more like 15 lbs??? so it's a bit more city driving friendly???

yes, there are plenty. heres one------

they have a 15 lb flywheel. that is about 11 lbs less than the stock one, i think.

hope this helps:sunny:
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