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I found a good vendor w/ amazing prices

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I dont know if this is the proper forum, but I thought this thread would get the most views if I left it here. Please move it to a proper forum if necessary.

Hi today when I got my coilovers here in Japan, I talked with the owner there and he said that he is willing to sell stuff to us Americans (actually im not an American). The shop is called KITAMOTO and they have anything you need like suspensions, LSD, rims, engine stuff, brakes, yadda yadda. For example, a set of coilovers that i got (CUSCO ZERO2R) would cost arouund 2500 bucks in the US (vendor from a un-named impreza forum), but it only cost me 1500 bucks at this shop. Shipping was very expensive (300 bucks for my coilovers), but very quick (3 days from Japan to US). Shipping is expensive, but it would more than make up for the price of the coilovers. They had the 22b brake kit w/ slotted rotors for 600 bucks (front only, w/ stainless steel lines). No I wont make any money with this, but I know how parts for the RS are expensive and hard to find at a good prices, so I want to share the wealth:happynow: . IF I do this it would only be a couple people at a time since I go to school and cannot be caught up too much with this. I haven posted anything in i-club because it might get out of control, so if I do this it would be club RS25 exclusive. I dont care either way if I do this or not, but please leave any feedbacks, questions, etc. Have a good day:)
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hmmmm...rim's and 22b brake kit eh???

smart move NOT posting it on the i-club
Yeah I saw an add for that shop in a Japanese magazine that Scooby South had loaned to me. They had everything, except a website :(

mmmm Ohlins
Give me their contact info and I'll see if I can get them to be a vendor in the upcoming RS Club store. Or at least offer them a web site. :D
Sounds good. :) Now if I only had some $$$...
Hi I would give you their email address but they do not speak a word of english (im pretty sure) and I dont want them having to deal with a lot of email., if you want I can PM you their email address. You can write them whatever and if you want I can translate it for you... if its not too long:)
oops forgot to add somethings. I only named a few parts but they can get you ANYTHING within a couple of days. I will e-mail them suggesting a website. g`day for all of ya
I can use babelfish I bet, if I keep it simple... why not give it a shot. PM me. :D
just thought id tell you guys that ive heard how much Cusco coil-overs really cost and its a joke how much people mark them up. im talkin about cheaper than i got my tein HAs (which i got for 1250).
no kidding I laughed at how much i-club vendor was charging. The CUSCOs are cheap, but I ended up getting their latest model(=most expensive), thus explaining the bit high price of 1500 bucks. This place has other CUSCO models (ZERO1, ZERO2, Comp1, Comp2, Comp2R) for a lot cheaper. Dont worry Andrew Im not here to rip anyone off. I will keep my eyes out for other vendors and will contact them about whether or not they want to do business with us. Since Im bored I will name a few candidates. I dont recommend Takakaira since they are really expensive (charges MSRP). I recommend HASrally, who sells pre owned parts (yes they are used but not much) like stock suspension, seats, wheels, and so on, L`aunsports (specializes in turning Imprezas into rally car replicas like exhausts, body kits, stickers, etc), aqua (long shot), and other smaller shops. I however think the shop I bought the coilovers are the best since they have been in this business for over 25 years, very reputable among Japnese Impreza owners, and according to the owner, has done business with customers overseas (Canada). If any of you have particular shops you are interested in, lemme know I can call them up or email them.

PS: I didnt expect much responses since I was used to the i-club responses (telling me to search, leaving negative responses, or just ignoring me:( ).
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And one more thing:) , you know how it is very costly to convert the rear brakes into the subaru 2 piston vented brakes like having to change differentila mounts and so on? The shop I went to has a special plate that goes behind the rotor and caliper which would let you do the swap as a direct bolt on. The plate cost around 200 bucks a set (dont quote me on that), but it should be tempting to a lot of you. Jus naming some unusual parts... G`day for the last time.. I promise...

Can you give me any mroe info on that rear plate for the 2 pot conversion for the rear rotors? Very interested in that as I bet many other people are. Just have to see how it works.
skywalker, give me some time and ill dig some info up. I forgot how it works completely, and I dont want to give any false info.
Thanks for the info. it would be really great if
we could have them as a vendor. I'm also interested
in the rear brake plate.

hey impretzel,

can you ask if they can ship jdm 2000+ ej20 motors w/ tranny, ecu, crossmember and other related stuff to do the conversion? ;)

Thanks for sharing the info. I just wish I had the money for it :(.
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