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I did something bad...

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I did a bad thing yesterday:stinky: ...I went out and test drove a 5spd WRX. Not only that, I also drove a SS Camaro!

I'm afraid I'll get kicked off the board for this, but my conscience just can't bear the guilt anymore!:(

Anyway, the SS was just scary fast, I was able to pull the tires loose anywhere in first gear, even at speed while decently hooked up. Amazing motor with obscene power everywhere, too bad the suspension isn't up to par and it's a little chunky.

The wrx, on the other hand, felt almost exactly like my car (big surprise) with way more power...not SS like, though.

I was out comparing cars for my move to a no-snow state, so the SS was definitely an option, but not after the wrx. It just felt perfect, like I belong in the car. Maybe I just need to turbo my 99RS.:happynow: :burnout:

Forgive me?
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what's with the wrx put downs? It's no rwd ss but neither is the rs..
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