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I-Club Price Fixing

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Tom, sorry, I can't reply to your post on the I-Club (that whole "banned" thing really puts a damper on my I-Club activities).

Anyhoo, that post is just more fuel to the fire that the I-Club is turning into a "For Profit" board. I truely think it's rediculous that Alex can honestly make an argument to ban somebody just because their prices are "too low".

This is the same damn argument I made against a certain person on the I-Club (name to be witheld at James' request). The person in question would frequently delete or lock threads when bad reviews were given to items that she and her business partners were selling. Crock 'o Sh|t if you ask me.

I actually think I got booted at just the right time.... hopefully those morons will figure out the big picture.


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I just noticed that the guy who is getting banned from group buys posted something like this in the "vendor review" section:

"hey guys. Has anybody done any business with They are selling HKS and Blitz for 25% off. Is it too good to be true? TIA"

Thats paraphrased, by the way. Why would he post that about his own company... seems like an ass much to me... So now I'm not sure which side is right.

Tom, could you post something to this affect on the I-Club thread? I'd be interested in seeing the response.... :D
This is from AZ-GT on the I-Club:

Or, since SubieGal is hiring a lawyer to sue i-Club member's maybe she can give us a referral for one who deals with FTC matters.
I'm famous!
BTW, I appreciate the mature way you're handling this... hopefully we can keep it that way and make a good discussion at the same time. :D
i quoted your pm there roy
check the info above the post on who it is quoted form ;)

here is the post for quick linking
Well, regardless. I think that price fixing is a really bad idea. Maybe Alex's intentions are good, but there is no really good argument for it. If this guy is going to rip people off, then he'll get his in due time.

It's happened to others before him (JC, TRi, etc.). It WILL happen again.

I should rewrite my .sig to the following:

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oh no gawd I know I shouldn't get in this when did TRi price fix anything?
i think he's talking about ripping people off, not price fixing with TRi because he compared them to JC which ripped people off
No, actually I think TRi's prices are fantastic... too bad 50% of their customers never get the goods they pay for (although to be fair to CT, the complaints have seemed to drop... A LOT). Is TRi under new management? :lol:
That's funny because the price of the Rota's from Revolution are going up....even though he's sold over a hundred sets? Working retail when I sold mucho product my distrubuters loved me and would give me even better pricing.:confused:
funny how most people have subzeros for about 500 yet his prices have just jumped $50...oh well, i'll have mine soon and in bronze :p
my gunmetals are at home :biggest:

no rubber yet though :(
mine are somewhere in a ship or on a truck
i'm thinking of putting some nice S0-3pp's on them
still winter so i have to wait anyways
nope ...I didn't buy it when I had the chance ....I should have though.:nuetron:
they can be had almost anywhere for around 500
i got mine locally
I ment buy TRi:run:
I got my Tarmacs from Revolutions Motorsports. let me tell you it was a pleasure doing business with him. The "$500 shipped" price was for a limited time only. Yes I made the cut so I may be biased, but he has every right to do what he wants with his prices. You dont like the prices buy em somewhere else. I worked in sales for a long time and it bugged me to no end when someone would throw some off-the-wall price at me claiming some competitor had it cheaper. Well buddy i have to make money to live so i cant give this ish away. Go buy it somewhere else. I doubt Revolutions is the first ever to have an "introductory offer". Is this such a foreign concept? :confused: :p
Yeah I got Tom's Subzero's from Revolutions also $500 shipped. Great price!

Bad Part:
I ordered them in Early October when the first post was up about them. And when they finally came in in December, they shipped them. Well I received them in about two weeks, but they were the wrong ones. Then they told me that they were going to ship the right ones out the next day....three weeks later they still hadn't sent them out. And my credit card was still charged the $500. I had done business with them before so I wasn't too upset. but when i still didnt have them, Bitch mode went on! but everything turned out ok in the end
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