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I am looking for a muffler

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I want a muffler for a hack job project.
If you have one lying around in the way I will pick it up.
Oh its for an RS and since I am going to cut it in pieces I do not want to pay anything for it unless you want a couple decals for it.
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I got a midpipe and the stock cats lying around if those will do you any good.
Thats Jim But I am going to cut the muffler out so I am mainly looking fot the tail pipe section.
randy, I got one you can have... I'll take some decals.
Just what you need man, another decal. :rolleyes: :D

wish i had known before i chucked my complete system in the dumpster by me... cause i have no place to store it otherwise... oh well... i'm sure it's be compacted into a tin can by now...
Hey RH are you going to rallispec?
Maybe I can pick it up there.Or we can meet up somewhere on
I 95.

PM me with a wish list of decals and I will see what I can do:)
Hey.. I'm not sure what decals I want... I really want the full WRC car ones, but I know you can't do that cause its $$$$... Do you have a list of what you could give/have in stock?

I don't have school today, if you wanted to meet up LMK! call my cell if you wish (703)981-8714..

how much would these be... one for each side plus the smaller "subaru" hood and the swirl on the trunk?


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Randy, you can have mine. It's just taking up space...:D Brian doesn't need any more stickers, especially yellow ones. gimme a call;)
I also have a stock RS tailpipe section that only had a few thousand miles on that you're welcome to. I'm staying in Rockville, so we could meet somewhere in between there and Baltimore.

PM me.

a deal has been made..... thanks randy! see you saturday! I'll PM you tommorow for more details...
Now you guys come out of the woodwork.

Rhdude has beat me down for a week and I gave in.

I still want a couple more though because I am going to do some R&D on them to do a mod :)
If I get what I want out of it I will hold a contest and give one away.
More info to follow.
Let me know if you still want to give them up and I will do a JJ run if all will meet there in a few weeks.
You're still welcome to mine...and I don't need any more decals for my car unlike someone I could mention. :p

Let me know when you want to meet up at JJ's and I'll make sure to bring it.

BTW - Brian, I've got a bunch of old racing parts decals sitting around. I'm sure your car would look nice with a Holley or Mopar Performance decal on it. Maybe a Hooker Header or DynoMax one? J/K! :D
how about you blow me? :stupid:

Thanks again Randy, I'll see you tommorow!
I didn't know you were gay. Since you are,you could use the f..... word all you like.:D:lol::run:
I'm too tired for a good comeback steve, I'll think of one later...

I think Kyu mad it home safely, not sure, he said he was a little blurred vision and he had to follow me until his exit:( I hope he made it safely...
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