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For all those Subies
coming into Huntsville from out of town for the National Solo autocross, we are hosting a BBQ for all of ya. This will be a BYOC (bring your own chair) - I imagine it won't be a problem, since you'll all be bringing a folding chair, or similar, for the autox anyway.

BBQ will be 6:30 Saturday night of the event.
(June 2nd) Burgers, Brauts, and Chicken. So if your Vegetarian please bring something. Eric will try to get some torrents burned of this season's WRC events so we can all gather and watch, or play the PS2 or Wii, or just chill out. Like all good subie get togethers, I'll have a limited beer selection available. Plus sodas and other liquids available.

We do, however, need a headcount in order to account for this.

So - who's in?

Map: Map !
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