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Huge Sway Bars: I guess I am the guinea pig

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Well after driving Pleiades' Legacy with the Addco 25mm front sway bar. I decided to be the guinea pig for this on my car. I will be (weather permiting) installing a 25mm front bar and a 20-24 mm rear sway bar on my car tomorrow. Of course I will be extremely careful with this settup until I am used to the way it reacts.

I went this route because of how the Legacy handles now. It has super quick steering response and rotates very well, which surprised me. I really figured the car would plow, but the big bar in front keeps the weight from lifting from the inside front tire, and keeps the nose of the car from diving outward under hard cornering. Granted, this was on a Legacy, but Whiteline is having excellent luck with monsterous sway bars on the Project GC8 WRX in Australia. They are running a 25-28 adjustable front and 24-29 adjustable rear.

I will post again after I have tried it to see how it goes.
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Sweet! Please keep us posted, I'll be in the market for bars very soon, and any info would be much appreciated. :)
Just remember that bars are fine tuning and feel pieces, AFTER you've done what you want to to the struts&Springs. =)

bigger isn't always better. :D
Yeah, I wouldn't have gone that big if I hadn't driven pleiades car before. His car handles so quick and smooth. No pushing or plowing.

My car has both bars on now with the rear set at 24 mm. I have only driven a small amount so far, but it seems very good. I was affraid of extreme handling issues, but so far, it drives very, very neutral, plus I can actually get a small amount of throttle oversteer during cornering, which I could not achieve before. The car corners very, very flat.

I have upgraded struts and springs to Version 5 struts and 5Zigen springs, but I am going to upgrade to a high end coil over later this year.
Does running the larger bar affect the harshness of the ride? Or is that entirely handled in the struts department?
Damn! Just when I thought I was catching up to him he has to go and make his car faster in the curves!
Just kidding.:happynow:
Remember our discussion about my inside tire lift? Don (PDM-Racing) is getting me an adjustable front sway bar custom made by Whiteline. I expect the heavier front bar to be helpful in reducing inside tire lift while powering out of corners. By the sounds of it, I may not need to step back down after I upgrade the springs and struts.
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