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00' OBS/ miss my 05' WRX...
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Hey I have a full set of Dunlop SP Sport 01 Tires that have less than 5000 miles put on the tread life. They are in good condition. I bought them off of another member to put onto my new set of wheels, but ran into a fitment issue when mounted on my car. I had them on my car for one day and had to take them off because the rear tires were rubbing against the strut sleeve. Because of that, two of the tires have about 1.5 cm flat spots on the inner corner of the tires. Its nothing that would affect the performance or tread life of the tires. there is still a lot of tread depth left.

I need to sell these and buy a set of 215/45/r17's. So I am looking for good offers that will still leave me enough to put towards that new/used set.

Or looking for trade offers of a set of tires that have at least 75% tread left.
Depending on the trade offer, I may in throw some cash on top.

Let me know what you have for me!

Here is a link of the tires from
I can send actual pictures of the tires upon request.
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