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How does the wagon chassis compare?

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Hello, I'm planning to build up an old Impreza L(just for fun, and some autocrossing), and trying to decide what chassis to go with. How does the wagon chassis compare stiffness wise to the sedan(I'm not considering the coupe). I'd like the added utility of the wagon, and depending on the mood I'm in I sometimes prefer the looks of the wagon. Of course if I did go the wagon route, I'd get a rear strut bar to help it out. So how does the chassis stiffness compare? If there isn't much to be lost with the wagon, I'll probably go with it. Thanks.
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Wagon with a strut bar is probably stiffer than the sedan.
Inherently, a wagon isn't as stiff as a sedan because of the lack of rear bulkhead on the wagon. With a rear STB, it should help and if you go with a Cusco you can get the "V" brace that mounts to the floorpan.

heh. Sedans don't have much of a bulkhead anyway. :)
modded wagons are rare, and cool.
WAGONS ARE THE BOMB...and more practical too. Let me say though, the rear may not be as wide and may require a little extra attention.
keep in mind that the old L wagons (at least) didn't have a rear sway bar.
my next project

I am already searching for my Impreza L wagon. I have all my RS-T parts that are going into it. It's going to be nasty. I am not sure if I am getting an MY93 or so and dropping a 2.5 into it and then turboing it or just get an MY97 with the 2.2 and turbo that. I am not looking for a monster just a fun car.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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