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How do you program new alarm remotes?

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I got some new remotes for my alarm in my 2000 RS - so how do I program them into the system?

I thought someone had directions out there somewhere but I cannot find them. Let me know! :D
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Re: Is this it??

2Point5RS said:
Transmitter Programming

Remote Programming for most Code Alarm systems post 1993
Open the drivers door.
Turn the ignition key ON (turn key all the way forward without starting vehicle).
Press and Hold the programming/override button (located under dash). In Approximately 20 seconds the
system will start to cycle the door locks and siren (If equipped) 3 times to indicate the system has entered the
transmitter learn mode (Do not release the programming/override button).
Press the #1 button on the unprogrammed transmitter. The system will respond by cycling the door locks and
the siren (if equipped) one time to indicate the transmitter has been learned.
All other transmitters (up to four) also need to be programmed at this time.
Programming is now complete, let go of the programming/override button and turn ignition off to exit learn mode.
This was the one that worked on my car. THANKS!
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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