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is that something you install permantly, or like a G-teck......i'm kinda in the dark, if you can't already tell. and how much does somthing like that cost?

stishawn someone named Mark Mcnamara put a flyer on my car while it was sitting at the muffler shop for the rally are you all going up there this weekend i guess?

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xRoller said:
if your car is leaning out? i have a 98rs with a jcsports intake seems to be running fine? And will it extended use eventually do something to the motor?
In the land before time and EFI...people actually removed their sparkplugs and studied them....some with a magnifying glass even!:eek:

I think you're safe. We have our SAFC dialed to lean the mix between 5-12% across the board with the exception of just off idle tip in, where we have a few % enrichment. There's still room to go leaner too but we aren't up to risking anything just yet. This is a 98RS w/ WeaponR intake, K&N filter, Borla header, and SPT exhaust. Monitoring is done with A/F gauge and SAFC.

You can read your own plugs, there's info on how to in every Chiltons or Haynes manual.
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