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how can you tell it's time to change the clutch

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sometimes after some hard driving I can smell a burnt rubber kind of smell coming from the car.. I assume it's my clutch. I gotta learn to keep off the throttle before I downshift.. I know I should do heel toe downshifting... I'm a newbie and I'm learning..

anyways.. how can you tell when it's time to get a new clutch?
and typically how much is it to get a heavy duty one with installation included?
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my first gear is behaving differently.
2 months ago, I adjusted the clutch tension. it made the worn clutch action snappier in every gear as well as moved the engagement point closer to the floor (it was all complete mush before).
starting yesterday i noticed 1st gear studders at the familiar friction point. I have to start more cautiously, and adjust revs and clutch release from what was "normal". Fun to do without a tach :rolleyes:
Is this a sign or premature clutch failure? Or is this a contribution to the colder weather (didnt happen last year @ wintertime).
jrgiza said:
CaddyDaddy - The cold weather shudders have just started up with mine again (New England). I had that last year, and the year before...
warmed up a bit and clutch works fine now :sunny:
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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