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How are people getting these insane titles?

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I saw the thread with all of the post levels, but some people have titles way bigger than their # of posts. Can we import I-club #'s?

If so, I would have a lot better chance of catching up!:whine: :curse:

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Not happening dude! :p
They are all going to change soon - a lot of people have been posting (like crazy) in Off-topic, and it looks like I am going to change the board so that they don't count anymore. So everyone's post scores are going to go back to what "legitimate" (kawf, kawf) posts they've made in the other forums.

There's a vote in Off-topic, if you don't agree, vote and let me know. :D
Yeah, I totally agree with that James. I'll get my total down to like 12 or something but that's okay cause most of it was crap:barf:

Nick C.
Yeah, and actually after saying I wasn't going to do it I think I am going to make OT posts not count - hopefully that will limit some of the whoring going on... and save some bandwidth and server resources in the meantime. Sorry folks! :(
Hey, you should be glad! If you make OT posts not count, that should put you waaaaay ahead of pleides in the post count! :lol:
I bet! But for some reason the server is not re-calculating the posts now that I've implemented the change. Oh well, I'll figure it out later!
HOLY!! Please god, no! I can't loose my hard earned posts! :eek: :run: :run:
Whew! They're still there! :D Will they stay? :eek: :eek: :stupid:

how about just turning post counting off altogether? That would keep the prick waving down to a minimum. :rolleyes:
LOL - You guys crack me up. I tell you, I was going to reset them but it looks like I have to do a hack on the BB to make it work, so I am not going to bother at this point - I've got other things to worry about, like buying a faster server, getting more bandwidth, and the most important...

Fixing the pipe that froze and burst on my hot tub!!!! :D
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