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Houston area: Anybody want to trade trunk lids?

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I want to trade the trunk lid from my 2000RS sedan, with spoiler, for an Impreza L trunk lid with NO spoiler. Will also need to swap 3rd brake light (since mine is in the spoiler and you won't need two) and the support springs. Mine is BRP and I don't care what color yours is since I will have to paint it. If anybody is interested, let me know. Even swap...
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This probably isn't the best place to advertise. There are not that many folks in the Texas forum as of yet...

Maybe one day...:(
yeah.. it's just danz and me... everyone once in a while, orion will grace us with his presence. :D
We have had a few break-ins lately...:curse:
if i had the same type of car, i'd consider it. unfortunately i have one of those neon things.:eek:
mmm... turbo neon...
SR4T baby! FWD Rex!:roflmao: :biglaugh:
With an interior as durable as silly putty...:biggest:
Zup,i Have An Impreza L Trunk Lid.the Color Is Like Blueish/green.what Colors Your Trunk Lid,maybe We Can In Tx.
wow, i wonder if he still needs it after 3 years.

regaurdless, welcome to the texas club
So I Guess U-r Not Intrested/if U-r Ill Check Friday 4 An Awnser Aight Laterz!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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