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Holy Crap!

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Good god!

You mean.

It actually happened????

A forum for OBS peeps and us "not cool enough to have your own forum because you aren't a WRX or 2.5 owner"

The thing that I was told would NEVER EVER EVER happen on the I-club happened here (and I was told in a damn rude way and made to look like a fool for even asking...nice) . Wow! Cool!

Never understood why it was such a big deal to open a forum for the "other" Subie Impreza brethren on the I-club.

Most likely an ego thing.

Thanks a TON for this forum. Makes the vibe of this set of forums all the more better for me!

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You rock bro!

Thanks again!

There's actually a thriving and very well established OBS BBS here. Only thing is that it's not as fancy as these newer boards.
It even says it right there on the cover of the owners manual

Impreza and OutBack Sport

Usama :flame: Marines
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