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Hollister Hills March Event

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There is a groups of us will be going to Hollister Hills this March 22-24.

$4 - day
$6 - over night

better get them skid plates!
I just hope my car will be fixed by then...
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man, do people even visit this forum?
oh, i didn't mean the forum in general.... I meant the North Cal forum. :D
I've noticed it's kind of dead, and to think - I'm from the Bay Area - you'd think some of my old buddies would do me the favor of posting here! :lol:

Oh well.... :(
i know man... i don't even need a bump, because no one else will bump me off! :lol:
tell me about it! well, we are still taking people!
bummer. I'm going to the Tombstone rallycross down in LA this weekend. Well, I'll have to catch this next month, if it's gonna be a regular thing.
i am going to make it a monthly thing. After we have figure out all the trails we my do a special event! we'll see...

okay, so it looks like it's going to rain. I guess we'll have to cancel the event. :( there will be next one.. :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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