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Hill holding

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More transmission questions... :p The emergency brake handle comes to use everytime you park, am I right? I also use a method to be in 1st/Reverse gear on a hill depending if it's uphill or downhill. Ex: the car is parked facing downhill. I shift to reverse to keep the car from rolling down. The car stops right when I let go of the clutch. I hope I'm not the only one doing this... :flame:
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hey, yea it's fine to leave your car in gear to stop the car from rolling. many many people do that.
I'd leave it in reverse only if I'm facing uphill. And 1st if I'm facing downhill. Why? Because it's generally not a good idea to spin the motor backwards if the brake fails. Oh, and the car most likely WILL roll even if it's in a backwards gear.

That is why you're supposed to turn your steering wheel, so the car rests against the curb.
I know that you're supposed to turn your steering wheel to face the curb if the car was to move downhill, but I heard that if you park your car with the wheels turned (like how we like to pose our cars before we take a picture of it :D ) something like the wheel bushings or something can tear causing some money to replace. "Ummm, just park with the wheels straight," they said.
Who said that? fewls.

I suppose if you let it sit for weeks with the wheels turned on a hill you might end up with some problems, but for 0-10 hours. Pshaw! :)

You turn the wheels to keep from rolling down the hill, which is more of a concern than tearing stuff.
I have to side with horatio on this one. I don't see how any serious damage could be done during a short time like that. If you don't turn your wheel all the way the wear would be even less, I'd guess.
Hmmm, nice to know... and knowing's half the battle! :p
YO JOE!!! :D
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