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I never had the time to make a journal for my car. Well it all started when i was 15 i got a ride in my first subaru it was a 00 2.5 rs, i loved how it looked and how it had that rumble sound. From there i was hooked i wanted to eventually get an Rs so right after i graduated high school i got a job and worked for the summer then i finally got the funds to buy my 1st car/subaru. I was on a hunt for an rs but they were all out of my price range then i started looking for L's i found plenty of them but they were either beat up or rusted. Then one day i was on nasioc looking at the cars for sale forum then wala a 93 L with a leaky main seal but that didn't bother me because i was planning to swap it eventually.I bought the car on September 11,2005 i was really stoked about have my very own subaru. The next day i did an oil change, changed the plugs and the air filter. So what was next on my list tires/rims since the previous owner didn't change the tires they were bald and the brakes were shot so i got a set of 05 wrx rims/tires so when i installed them i notice the passenger side wheel was really close to the fender so i took a look and found out that my control arm was bent =(. Luckliy Shaun you guys might know him as Tehwit had a control arm for me thanks again man!.. still more to come stay tuned

this is when i got my rims mounted and got the control arm fixed
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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