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Highbeam-foglight mod

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I have seen some info on the mod to have the fog lights stay on with the high beams on. Anyone have the info handy - can't find it again. Anyone have wiring diagrams for the light systems of MY01 RS.
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I used to have this in a text file but can't seem to find it now. I've done the mod to my 99RS and have had no problems with it. It involves cutting one wire in half and grounding one half and capping the other.

I'm looking for it now...
Beat you to it!

From North Ursalia's web site:

edit: Oops, that's not 8Complex's site!:eek:
H8er - thanks but looking for the foglight/highbeam mod instead. Also I have MY01 RS and 02 wiring is different.

Well, that mod will do it so the foglights will run with the highbeams, too. But I didn't realize that was for the 02, missed that part. Sorry. At least I tried, though.
OK. Pull the fog light switch out of the dash. Looking at the back of the switch, there are 5 wires that go into it. The bottom two should be the same color scheme. The very bottom one is a permanent ground wire for the switch. The next one up is +12 volts when the high beams are on, but a ground otherwise. If you want your highbeams to have no effect on the fogs, cut that wire. Cap the side coming from the wiring harness. Connect the stub on the switch to a ground. It can be connected with the other ground wire no problem.

I did it on my car. I also did the parking/fog mod, but I screwed up and grabbed a +12v supply that was controlled by the damned dimmer, so if I dim the dash lights my fogs turn off :mad: and I haven't bothered to crack the dash again to fix it.

Use a test light to verify that your wires are the same as mine.

Here's a snip from my instructions I wrote out while I was doing the modification:

) The connector on the fog light switch should have 5 wires going into it.
a) Blue/White - power with headlights only. Lights up the switch.
b) Black/White - goes to the relay to turn the fog lights on.
c) White/Yellow - has power when the parking lights are on. Dashboard illumination for the button.
d) Yellow/Blue1 - This is YB1. It is normally a GND, but when you turn the high beams on it has +12v.
e) Yellow/Blue2 - YB2, all by itself at the bottom of the plug. It is the GND.

Hope that helps. If you want the fogs to come on whenever the ignition is on, find an ignition controlled +12v (like the cig lighter) and run it to the blue/white wire, capping where the blue/white goes into the wire harness.

Did you do it? Are you all set?
Thanks for the info Horatio. It got cold here and I don't have a garage to work in so I have to wait for friends to return from vacation.
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