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Hi Everyone!!

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So!! I'd Like to take the time to introduce myself. After lurking around the boards for a while, I've realized this is an amazing place. My name is DeAngelo, and I'm a 20yr old college student residing in Central NY. After thinking about buying a car, I was persuaded by my 2.5i driving friend to take a good look at Subarus. I've always enjoyed cars, and after researching for quite some time, I believe that an RS is the way to go. My ideal setup would to probably buy something swapped, preferably a WRX engine. But, I do believe that if i were to buy a non swapped car, and perform modifications myself, I'd treasure the car a lot more. It would mean something to me. So I have been saving, and still am, for that "special one." I think that the people on these boards are really insightful and helpful, and when I do purchase my car, all the info i need will be right here. These boards also seem alot friendlier than the Nasioc ones, and that really helps. There are a couple pre buy questions, such as whether i should opt for a coupe or sedan, are there any problems with purchasing a car with 90k+ miles, things of that nature. thanks for all your help, and i hope to, hopefully sooner than later, become a productive member of this community!:burnout:
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Welcome to the board! As for mileage, it kind of depends on how the car was maintained, but these cars are fairly reliable with pretty good engine life. My 2000 RS has 81k miles on it, turbo kit has been on for the last 30k, and I did 3 seasons of rally-cross with it earlier in it's life, and it's given me zero problems besides normal wear-and-tear stuff. And I bought the car new in Summer '00, it's been a great car. When you go to look at one, look for oil in the coolant or coolant in the oil, and also watch for smoke coming out of the tailpipe on the test drive, all signs of a possible headgasket problem, probably one of the more common problems on these cars, at least if it has the stock EJ25 engine in it. Now, if you are going to be doing a swap yourself, maybe look into getting an Impreza L AWD, as they are cheaper than the RS and have the same chassis, so once you swap engines, it's just cosmetic stuff that would be different, like the front bumper and interior color. Just some food for thought, and good luck with the hunt!
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