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Hi Everyone!!

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So!! I'd Like to take the time to introduce myself. After lurking around the boards for a while, I've realized this is an amazing place. My name is DeAngelo, and I'm a 20yr old college student residing in Central NY. After thinking about buying a car, I was persuaded by my 2.5i driving friend to take a good look at Subarus. I've always enjoyed cars, and after researching for quite some time, I believe that an RS is the way to go. My ideal setup would to probably buy something swapped, preferably a WRX engine. But, I do believe that if i were to buy a non swapped car, and perform modifications myself, I'd treasure the car a lot more. It would mean something to me. So I have been saving, and still am, for that "special one." I think that the people on these boards are really insightful and helpful, and when I do purchase my car, all the info i need will be right here. These boards also seem alot friendlier than the Nasioc ones, and that really helps. There are a couple pre buy questions, such as whether i should opt for a coupe or sedan, are there any problems with purchasing a car with 90k+ miles, things of that nature. thanks for all your help, and i hope to, hopefully sooner than later, become a productive member of this community!:burnout:
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Hey welcome to the site man! Hope you find the RS you love. Stick to this site bro, NASIOC is notorious for e-thugs who have too much time on their hands. The local forums are great over there though. Good luck with your search.
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