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Hey Templar, I need info!

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I remember speaking with you a while back about the S/C kit that you were developing for the 2.5L Subaru engines and how that application might work for my GM 2.2L engine. I have since found a guy who has turbo'd the engine that I have (although his has been built up and mine is stock), but he is having some detonation issues still. Part of your kit was some sort of knock-sensing system that would automatically retard timing; can you give me some more information about it? How does this work, who makes it, how much does it cost, etc?

I would like to pass this along to my friend with the turbo kit if you could help.

Thanks! :)

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Cool, thanks for the help! :)
Hey Biggly,

Actually, the safeguard system that is coming out soon is awesome, and we may offer it as an option on the kit, but the kit will probably come with something like the MSD boost retard control that senses boost pressure and will automatically retard by 1 to 3 degrees per pound of boost.

The main reason for this is we are still shooting for the $3000 range and the addition of that safeguard would probably add to the cost. However, for the moderate boost levels we are looking at on the stage I kits, the MSD unit should be more than sufficient.


Cool deal man! I really just needed to know sooner based on a request from someone else for their particular setup. Since he seems willing to spend a LOT of money (So far at least 5 grand) on his engine I don't think that he'll go with a less expensive system but for a kit I think your idea works best. :)


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